"... to create a holistic design that combined architecture, interior design, industrial/product design and fashion design. I was especially intrigued by the fact that, despite the complexity of each profession, they shared far more similarity than it seemed at first glance. Each of these categories has a common final objective that is deeply connected to human beings but differentiates in its relationship to the human body and the type of mental work required to accomplish it. However, if you combine all four approaches, you can begin to understand design in its completeness, observing and considering it from several different angles."



This web page exhibits one year of interior design practice and studies to find the commonalities between diverse design professions and previous product designs. It offers a holistic range from diagrammatic work to material selection, construction documents as well as architectural conception of space and its environmental impact. 

Born and raised in Austria, Christoph is a recent graduate of the interior design program at Parsons School of Design, NYC. With a background in industrial design, Christoph earned his MSc degree with honors in 2010, including a student exchange term with The Academy of Fine Arts in Guangzhou, China. In 2010 he moved to Berlin and co-founded a design agency with a focus on product design, motion graphic and graphic design.

Since 2017 Christoph lives and works in New York.