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The goal was to create a piece of furniture that is built into or onto a wall in an 8’ by 10’ room, with a ceiling height of 8’. The room and the furniture is for a single person. For many, there is never time and people are constantly in a rush. This problem inspired the idea for a place to have an efficient power nap, with a seat that gives you an encompassing feeling of safety and comfort.

The idea results in a very solid ergonomic solution made out of stone, as this material has a good warming and also cooling quality. To reach the seat you have to pass an ‘uncomfortable’ zone which, in turn, gives the seat a sense of a safe haven that needs to be reached. While resting in your safety seat, you have an amazing view through a floor to ceiling window. In addition, the sunlight gets reflected by a strip of water that brings a calm movement into the room, to help you settle and relax. The idea of a hardshell seat was inspired by those in roller coaster and racing cars, as they have the highest level of safety but still are very comfortable. They give support to every part of the body and let every muscle relax. The higher position of the seat gives a floating effect so that you can calm down and settle into your twenty minute power nap.

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