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In the course of a 2007 from the company ECHOM tendered design and development competition, a complete novel concept of a flat screen TV with 3G-technology was designed and realized. ECHOM Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou is thitherto one of the leading industrial design companies in China. Place of business is the forward-looking area of development called Guangzhou Science City and their clientele is based in automotive design, medical engineering and technology as well as in consumer electronics. The product design CRYSTAL came off as winner of this competition and denominates a flat screen TV extended with an audio-visual feature which is eye-minded conveyed through his crystalline shape. This audio-visual component creates light to the rhythm of music and generates individual atmosphere in the room. A rotary arrangement of high-performance spots combined with a mirrored surface inside, which guides the light into the room, CRYSTAL lives up to one’s name and effectively expands its operational area. Furthermore the 2009 in Japan and China already popular 3G-technology was integrated in this flat screen TV. Including this technology right from the design stage this TV became a manifold and multimedia-based electrical device and obtain highly acceptance in this branch due to its unique design. While present TVs pursue the principle of form-follows-function, both requirements go hand in hand with this generation of flat screen TV. A casing of hard glass enfolds the TV and became to a considerable, elegant sculpture, even though while switched off. The in 2009 from ECHOM produced CRYSTAL was already presented at numerous design fairs and has the potential, to change the flat screen TV to a more and more multi-functional device.

Calming, animating, motivating... the sound sets the pace. The special feature is a circle of spots, which are rotating behind the display screen. Mirrors are on the inner surface of the back and send the light smoothly into the room. The spots change the color and the intensity of light. The rotary arrangement of spots rotates in different tempi, addicted to the kind of music. Altogether enfold in a hard glass casing.