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This exploration of an office building is intended to connect different design majors and provide a platform to interact and intertwine each discipline. Architecture, interior, product and fashion design find a place in one location, subdivided in private offices, co-working spaces and workshop areas. Focus was put on finding an overall design language and to then reflect it into the space. A spectrum of private and open spaces are connected without a common staircase, but instead, with a layered and fluid circulation embedded in the formal language.

Creating a space for professionals with the idea of a holistic design that combined architecture, interior design, industrial/product design and fashion design. I was especially intrigued by the fact that, despite the complexity of each profession, they shared far more similarity than it seemed at first glance. Each of these categories has a common final objective that is deeply connected to human beings but differentiates in its relationship to the human body and the type of mental work required to accomplish it. However, if you combine all four approaches, you can begin to understand design in its completeness, observing and considering it from several different angles. Relating to my overall opinion of design, the idea of an office to combine several creative businesses was born.

The main idea focuses on intertwining the space. As the initial shape of the building is a cupoid, the concept of growing from each face towards the center was the most efficient method of creating an interweaving condition. Starting on each face with a “seed”, the space grows together with three layers, which each have a specific characteristic,  definition and function.

The office building provides several levels of privacy. There are enclosed private offices, spacious co-working areas and communal spaces. The glass-encased architecture provides a lot of daylight and convenient working conditions. With its shaded glass, the fourth layer protects the space from shafts of sunlight and from overheating. Additional sunscreens are contemplated for each office and co-working space. The interior gives an airy and communal impression. Color-coded furniture highlights each of the six complexities without interrupting the interweaving concept of the space. This office building has an unique appearance that communicates the concept of intertwined design professions, presenting them as a unit but respecting each initial ‘seed’ as one of a kind.


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