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Intended to be housed in the Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery at Parsons, the exhibition “40 Years Women in Design” was developed by interior design students to explore the principles of design. Several steps leads to a final concept and show very clearly each level of approach.

First step in the expression and development of a formal language is to create a rule-based iteration. Three repeating action let arise a complex pattern in seven rounds. Each period has its own line weight to easily see the development and the increase of exponential complexity. After the pattern was created, a significant portion of it was chosen to represent the initial member of a shape family. Each following piece is a modification of  the previous one. Using these defined two dimensional pieces, it becomes possible to explore the opportunities of connectivity in a three dimensional space. The third part should provide data to fill the exhibition with content. The idea was to let women from the past explore contemporary female design. Every depiction of a woman on the right side is a close up of almost 150+ paintings housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Later, they are expressed in an animation, to explore the space from several point of views. The faces were arranged in a concentric order for a better sequencing of the animation. Listed below is the title and artist of each painting. The selection of the material should provide a semi transparent surface for the projection of the data, the faces of the women. It is important that the selection of the material provide a semi-transparent surface for the projection of the data. Additionally the color choice invokes a futuristic appearance and, after exploring its nature in a lighting lab, it offered a surreal condition by vanishing the boarder between the object itself and its projection. It also has an intense reaction under a different color spectrum - appearing completely opaque under red light and completely transparent under blue light. The merging of all the components to create an exhibition entitled “40 Years of Women of Design”

One - Two - Three... repeat.

One - Two - Three... repeat.

1st step is to randomly start with a line on a enclosed space.

2nd step splits the line into two when it hits a border.

3rd step lets the two newly formed lines go backwards in a 50 degree angle...

... start with step one and repeat all steps

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Data collection for "40 Years - Women in Design"

Data collection for "40 Years - Women in Design"

The choice of the material lets vanish the boarder between object and projected shadow.

The choice of the material lets vanish the boarder between object and projected shadow.

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