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Furniture Showroom

A showroom is a common method of showing the idea and the mood of a piece of furniture and its expressions. This particular one represents the balanced design work from the collaboration between Nendo and Nichetto.

Nendo: “A sofa is like an archipelago, divided into small parts rather than one great mass.

Nichetto: Taking the way that Venice’s many islands are connected by narrow bridges as the image, we designed thin legs that seem to float on the water surface and connected the cushions.

Bridges for Islands - that is how the two designers named their piece of furniture. Their invoked image inspired the creation of this showroom. Based on islands, which hold the three variations of the sofa, visitors can explore by using platforms ‘floating’ in water of glossy stone. The spreading waves transform into an undulating sand bank that invokes a sense of balance and harmony.  the upper level visitors can experience the furniture. The arrangement of the sofas create a kind of an archipelago and bookend the idea of this furniture design.

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