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Everybody is capable of creating things, that’s not hard. Anybody is able to be a designer and anybody is able to be an artist. For elevated design there are three essential aspects which create a fundamental base. There is no getting around the terms “knowledge”, “exploration” and “time”. Of course, these are huge, heavy loaded terms, which first have to be broken down into more concrete ideas.

KNOWLEDGE compromises the existing knowledge, history, stories, data and facts but also skills and accomplishments.

TIME as a term, is the quality you spend sharing your knowledge and exploration. Everybody has the same amount of time per day and everybody uses it differently. Some put their time in studying things like art, law, engineering, archeology or politics. Others spend time meditating and find inner satisfaction, philosophizing, or contemplating the universe. However you spend your time, you are never ever able to do all of these things, even if you wanted to. Therefore sharing your thoughts, knowledge and exploration is enriching for both sides. For you to express your mind and thoughts, and for others to gain a different point of view and understanding. The goal was to create a space where knowledge could come into opposition with exploration, all while being mediated by time.

EXPLORATION means creating knowledge. Everybody produces a mass of new knowledge through exploration, while ascertaining the limits and trying out new things. It is not possible to find personal exploration in books, it is not possible to “google” it or find it in any library, you can only create your own knowledge by doing something, which is not only essential for design but also for personal growth. It is integral in the process of understanding yourself and who you want to be, setting future goals, and gaining motivation.

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We should definitely think more broadly as a designer. It is not only the interiors that makes us unique, it is the consideration about how we consume, what we really need, what is necessary to have a good life and how we use our planet’s finite resources. It is important to convince people to build sustainably, to spend that extra dollar for high-quality products energy consumption and save costs in the long term. Unsustainable habits are convenient, so we must focus on motivating and showing people that there are more efficient and ecological ways of doing things that are just as convenient. We just have to make the first step - lead others and push our communities a step in the right direction. Every decision we make as a designer has a consequence on the environment and our health and it is a big duty to handle this, but we can do it.

In the next 15 years more than 75% of all buildings will be either new or renovated and it is now our chance to make a huge impact for a positive future by adopting more sustainable practices.

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