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Since 2013 exists the privilege to design night-liners for ZEPPELIN’s armada. From Metallica to Pearl Jam, if Placebo, Iron Maiden, Rhianna, Parov Stelar, Aerosmith or Drake - all of them  brimmed over with enthusiasm for this different interior design. The transportation design of the Setra 431 DT - double-decker bus - included kitchen, dining and office area, shower bath and rest room, 12 bunks, lounge area and master suite. While the Setra 431 DT represents the  largest vehicle on the roads, space-saving and functional design is inevitable. Attention was set on trend-setting space improvement and space breaking design. The innovative lighting system enables color changing adjustments and creates diverse ambiance. With a contemporary and unique interior design,  ZEPPELIN Night-liner are one-of-a-kind in Europe and the international music business coinciding. Zeppelin Night-liners are one of the most booked luxury hotels on wheels.