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With a self created folding technique it is possible to pleat a single stripe of paper to a kind of  a  spine. Performing like a human one and imply a similar sense of eye-catching aesthetic, this concept was the headstone for VERTEBRA. This unique technique in combination with a goose-neck rod gives the folding stability and on the other hand the folding procures conserving the rod’s line, like everybody knows the eyebrow-rising shape of a goose-neck rod after deforming twice. VERTEBRA satisfy your individual creativity in a unlimited range of deforming. Rings, waves, straights or twisted ones, it ensures always a well defined curve without buckles. The folding is made out of a sandwich structure based material. Each section contains LEDs to equip every vertebra - inside mirrored -  with light. The cast iron base enables stability even favouring horizontal deforming of the lamp.