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WeCreate provides a platform to realize the design ideas of its members, visitors and guests. The lounge area builds the heart of the space, letting people meet, relax, and cooperate. Based on membership or short term guest basis, WeCreate is a cultural generator for the future design generation and their supporters.

The possibility to realize and create ideas is as much important as the idea itself. It pushes the process further to the next level of exploration and knowledge, increases the level of a concept and makes it much more efficient. Furthermore the working with materials let you grow in understanding  the touch of sense and its sensibility. The design of the space ranges from a very clear, bright scientific area to a high luxury, warm, moody space, rich of texture and pattern. The realization of peoples ideas is the main point of this cultural generator. The space provides a long list of high-end computer aided machines and technologies. Among all these machines there is also a crusher for old plastic, which enables the production of the feed stock for the 3D printing machines. The building itself is located in Long Island City, has five stories and enough space to create new ideas. There are three design groups in this space, which each follows a special order of related shapes. The labs and workshops build the first group, followed by the lounge area as second. The bar together with the entrance hall build the third group and represent a black and white graphic based design, rich in contrast. Bar and entrance hall share a diagonal wall, which provides space where it is needed and reduces height for a more comfortable ambient. The passage which leads to the lounge area uses the most  light absorbing color to completely split the ambient of the two different spaces. A special feature of interaction between guest and hotel provides the adjustable light on the ceiling in the lounge area.

Each guest room level provides up to ten guest rooms, which each follows a rule of three, a growing sequence beginning at each entrance door to the rooms windows. Sector one includes bathroom with open shower. Sector two creates the bed room and resting zone. Sector three is the highest space and forms the living room. A monolith between bed room and living room acts as divider on the one hand and on the other it is control center of each individual project.Therefore it is possible to stay informed of every progress happening downstairs in the science labs and workshops.

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